Audiobookshelf: v2.7.2


  • Scanner parses epub metadata and extracts cover art #1479
  • Scanner parses comic metadata (limited) and extracts cover art #1837
  • Playlist button to podcast episodes on latest page #2455
  • Binary manager for Windows install by @mikiher in #2391


  • Library folder browser for Debian installs
  • Refresh podcast episode table when new episodes are downloaded
  • Improve performance for podcast rss feed episodes modal with large rss feeds
  • Export OPML not escaping characters #2487
  • Parse series sequence from OPF in specific cases #2505
  • Specific podcast rss feed cannot be fetched due to Accept header #2446
  • Comic reader page menu highlighting the wrong current page


  • Media session uses raw cover art #2514
  • Library item & podcast episode cards with truncated titles show tooltip on hover #2451
  • Add tini as PID 1 handler in container image by @FreedomBen in #2488
  • Update logger to replace dev logs with debug by @FreedomBen in #2506
  • Hide audiobook management tools for Windows installs
  • More strings translated

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